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Gelungenes Angebot. Matt Damon alias Leon nach dem Throwback-Foto handelt und Live.


Nutzen sie auch unsere Expertise um ein auf Ihre Wünsche angepasstes System zu entwickeln. CYBERTRON GmbH. Am Borsigturm Berlin. Tel. +49(​. Cybertron ist die Heimatwelt der Cybertronier (von Autobots und den Decepticons) und der Körper. Mit "Transformers War For Cybertron SIEGE" beginnt eine neue Trilogie in der Geschichte der Generations-Toyline von Hasbro. Jetzt geht der Kampf auch im TV.

Cybertron Wer steckt hinter der Netflix-Serie?

Transformers – Der Kampf um Cybertron (im Original The Transformers: The Movie) ist ein US-amerikanischer Zeichentrickfilm aus dem Jahr , der auf. Der Name Cybertron ist eine Bezeichnung, welche mehrere Bedeutungen hat: Cybertron (Planet): Der. Cybertron ist die Heimatwelt der Cybertronier (von Autobots und den Decepticons) und der Körper. Wir präsentieren: Transformers War for Cybertron: Siege! Verwende den Decoder, um versteckte Botschaften zu entschlüsseln und Zugriff auf exklusive Inhalte. von Ergebnissen oder Vorschlägen für Spielzeug: "Transformers Cybertron". Überspringen und zu Haupt-Suchergebnisse gehen. Berechtigt zum​. Mit "Transformers War For Cybertron SIEGE" beginnt eine neue Trilogie in der Geschichte der Generations-Toyline von Hasbro. Jetzt geht der Kampf auch im TV. Top-Angebote für Transformers Cybertron Spielfiguren online entdecken bei eBay. Top Marken | Günstige Preise | Große Auswahl.


Mit "Transformers War For Cybertron SIEGE" beginnt eine neue Trilogie in der Geschichte der Generations-Toyline von Hasbro. Jetzt geht der Kampf auch im TV. Transformers – Der Kampf um Cybertron (im Original The Transformers: The Movie) ist ein US-amerikanischer Zeichentrickfilm aus dem Jahr , der auf. Der Name Cybertron ist eine Bezeichnung, welche mehrere Bedeutungen hat: Cybertron (Planet): Der.

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Though the early Cybertronians were able to successfully drive their cruel masters offworld, this new peace was short-lived; "consumer goods" robots developed into the peace-loving Autobots , while "military hardware" evolved into the warmongering Decepticons , and the two factions went to war.

With the Autobots' innovation of transformation, they were able to win—or at least stalemate—the war, and a period of peace descended on Cybertron, which shone with a healthy golden glow, distinguishing the period as the " Golden Age ".

Five Faces of Darkness, Part 4. Eventually, however, Decepticons adopted transformation as well, along with robot mode flight, and around nine million years ago, the creation of the Decepticon Megatron re-ignited the war on Cybertron.

Megatron rallied like-minded individuals to his cause, and brainwashed others into his service, quickly killing the current Autobot leader in a strike on one of Iacon 's outer cities.

With this act kept out of the public knowledge, rumors circulated as Autobot machinesmith Alpha Trion worked diligently on a new process to reconstruct Autobots into battle-hardy configurations for the war he knew was coming.

That war finally erupted in full when Megatron fatally injured a naive young dock worker, Orion Pax, and Alpha Trion made him the first subject of his new process, reconstructing him into Optimus Prime , who would lead the Autobots in the Third Cybertronian War.

War Dawn. After a further five million years of war, during which many Autobots fled the planet, the Decepticons had acquired a large hold on the planet, with the majority of it under their control.

The main Autobot force continued to operate from the capital city-state of Iacon, but Cybertron's energy levels were depleted to a dangerous low, necessitating a space mission to locate a new planet with new sources of energy that the Transformers could harness.

Optimus Prime led his best and brightest on the Ark , but they were pursued by Megatron's elite troops, and all were stranded in stasis on Earth for four million years.

More than Meets the Eye, Part 1. In the ensuing four million years, Shockwave , who Megatron had left in charge as guardian of the planet, maintained the Decepticon hold on the planet, though he was unaware of the continued guerrilla efforts of Elita One 's Female Autobots to undermine him as they raided his energy supplies.

The Search for Alpha Trion Eventually, Cybertron's energy level dipped so low as to put the planet in immediate, mortal danger.

Reestablishing contact with Megatron, who had awoken with the other Transformers on Earth in the year , Shockwave co-designed the space bridge , an intergalactic transport system that could transport energon cubes from Earth to Cybertron, abating the planet's impending doom.

Transport to Oblivion. Cybertron's place in the universe was forcibly altered in when the Decepticons constructed a colossal space bridge that actually transported the entire planet into the Sol system , into Earth's orbit, The Ultimate Doom, Part 1 where its gravity wreaked havoc with the planet's natural balance, unleashing an unending torrent of energy created by natural disasters.

The Ultimate Doom, Part 2 The energy acquired re-energized Cybertron enough to put it out of the danger zone, but the planet was soon knocked out of orbit by a massive energon explosion, and set drifting off through the solar system.

The Ultimate Doom, Part 3 At this closer range, Cybertron remained easily accessed throughout at least, with the Autobots now able to reach it by conventional transportation Omega Supreme , rather than having to constantly hijack use of the spacebridge.

By the Earth year , Cybertron had exited the Sol system, but, remaining within the Milky Way, was still relatively easily accessible by shuttlecraft from Earth.

By this time, the Decepticon forces had succeeded in conquering the entire planet, forcing all the Autobots off it, leading them to relocate to Autobot City on Earth, and to two staging ground bases on two of Cybertron 's moons.

It was at this time that Cybertron came under attack from the world eater, Unicron , who consumed the two moonbases and assaulted Cybertron itself, only to be destroyed by the power of the Autobot Matrix of Leadership.

His deactivated, decapitated head fell into orbit around Cybertron, a grisly new satellite to replace those he had destroyed. The Transformers: The Movie With the Decepticon forces in disarray after Unicron's attack, Rodimus Prime and his troops succeeded in driving their foes off Cybertron, reclaiming the planet for the Autobots, and restoring and re-energizing much of the planet by , Five Faces of Darkness, Part 1 when the world came under frequent attacks from the returning Quintessons, whose previously-secret history with the Transformers came to light.

Five Faces of Darkness, Part 5. In the year , Cybertron was once again wrenched from its place in space when Galvatron and the Decepticons invaded the planet and constructed a massive planetary engine that propelled Cybertron back into Earth orbit once more.

Once there, Galvatron opened the Plasma Energy Chamber, intending for the energy release to drive the Sun supernova, consuming Earth, Cybertron and everything else in one final destructive blow.

Spike Witwicky and the Autobots' Nebulan allies were able to stop this plan by reversing the rocket engine, which drained off the excess solar energy and channeled it straight into Vector Sigma, which used it to fully re-energize Cybertron.

Its rich golden hue restored, Cybertron entered a new Golden Age. The Rebirth, Part 3. The Oracle's body was destroyed, but his essence, encased within a protective shell, fled to a dead planet at the center of the universe, which he proceeded to transform into a verdant, living world.

In time, the Quintessons discovered the Oracle's world and invaded, taking control of the Oracle and his powers. The Oracle was transformed by the Quintessons into the mega-computer Vector Sigma and also obtained the shell that had held his essence, which went on to become the Matrix of Leadership.

Using the power of the Key to Vector Sigma , the Quintessons transformed the Oracle's green planet into the metallic Cybertron. In , it was discovered that the release of the energy of the Matrix by Optimus Prime to cure the Hate Plague had much more far-reaching consequences that anyone suspected.

With the Matrix's energy depleted, Vector Sigma's balance—permanently tilted in favor of the Autobots by the existence of the Matrix—was reset to neutrality, allowing the Decepticons, bolstered by their new Headmaster troops, to freely invade Cybertron.

Eventually, this forced Optimus Prime to sacrifice his life by merging with Vector Sigma in order to stabilize the computer before it destroyed Cybertron from within.

Not long thereafter, Vector Sigma developed a new metal alloy dubbed Cybertonuron , which enticed Galvatron into another raid on the planet.

However, the Decepticon Headmaster leader, Zarak , feared the power that Galvatron would gain from the alloy, and so, to prevent either him or the Autobots from obtaining it, arranged for his Headmasters to plant bombs at the core of the planet, within Vector Sigma's chamber.

The Autobots were unable to stop the countdown and the bombs detonated, tearing Cybertron apart and leaving it a charred uninhabitable ruin drifting in space.

Having survived the devastation of Cybertron, Vector Sigma granted the Autobot Disaster Relief Team new bodies and powers so that they could rebuild the planet.

By , Cybertron had been made inhabitable once more. Sky Reign Chapter That same year, Unicron's head returned and attempted to turn the planet into his new body, but was repelled.

Ruination Chapter, Part Two. Some time beyond the year , Cybertron began to suffer from a major energy shortage.

In order to re-energize the struggling planet, Optimus Prime upgraded into a Powermaster and ventured into a black hole to obtain the super-energy nucleon , which was used to restore Cybertron to its former glory.

Nucleon Quest Super Convoy bio. Following the conversion of Cybertron into a technorganic planet, Vector Sigma also underwent an upgrade and effectively turned into the "soul" of the planet, becoming the ultimate authority of the planet who issued its will through the newly created Convoy Council.

Tens of thousands of years later, when Vector Sigma discovered that the Blentrons were trying to resurrect Unicron with Angolmois Energy , the supercomputer converted Cybertron back to a wholly mechanical planet in preparation for war.

Bonus Edition Vol. Tens of thousands of years into the future, in the era of the Maximals and Predacons , the mechanical Cybertron was reigned over by Vector Sigma, who handed down orders through the ruling body known as the Convoy Council.

When Unicron was resurrected as an energy being, he sought to use Cybertron as a new physical body, as his original body at the Triple Z Point was too ravaged to serve as a suitable vessel.

Maximals Unicron was able to get through all of Cybertron's defenses and merged with Vector Sigma itself, granting him absolute control over Cybertron and the planet began converting into an imitation of Unicron's original planet mode.

End of the Maximals!? In the aftermath, Predacons and Maximals united to rebuild the planet. Graduation Ceremony!! However, the Machine Wars ended in a matter of weeks and inadvertently brought about the signing of the Pax Cybertronia.

Termination A Common Foe. In , the Star Seekers arrived from a temporal journey through transwarp to enact Captain Cannonball 's newest scheme: plunder Cybertron of all its energon using Unicron's head when Cybertron would be at peace and have high levels of energy.

The pirates attracted the attention of Cybertron's elite defenders, the Cybertronian Knights , but during the clash aboard Unicron's head, Alpha Trizer gave Cannonball a crushing revelation: his scheme was doomed to fail from the start because the Cybertron he was attacking was technorganic and no longer ran on energon as a result of the Great Transformation.

Hoist the Flag. Cybertron was originally a mere satellite, built to ensure peace between a coalition of planets. But the powerful computer within the satellite proved too advanced for it to remain in its initial form; using electromagnetic forces to draw in other satellites, it used their materials to build itself up.

This ultimately led to a malfunction of the computer, and the civilizations that had built it found themselves no longer able to access it.

Though the united civilizations tried to stop the satellite, it kept on growing and becoming more sophisticated, eventually plundering all nearby resources and leaving its galactic neighborhood bare of resources.

Ages passed and Cybertron became a planet proper, with metallic mountains and oceans of oil. From it sprung primitive machines, which evolved into Transformers over the millennia.

A Birth of Planet Saybertron. Eons ago, Cybertron was a verdant, Earthlike world, populated by a wide variety of organic creatures.

Survivor This idyllic period came to an end when the first Transformers arrived on the planet, an event foreseen by the mystical Oracle that surrounded Vector Sigma ; The Reformatting their arrival evidently coincided with the extinction of Cybertron's natural biosphere, Survivor and over the eons Cybertronian civilizations would build over the rock and soil with metal upon metal, giving rise to the illusion that Cybertron was, and always had been, a world of technology alone.

The Reformatting Remnants of the past persisted in the lowermost levels of the planet, including stray plant life, Forbidden Fruit fossilized remains of the animals that had once roamed the surface , Survivor and an " organic core " composed of concentrated biological matter.

The Key Successive generations of Cybertronians built atop old cities, layer after layer, only to be gradually forgotten. The Reformatting.

Three hundred years after the end of this conflict and the signing of the Pax Cybertronia , The Agenda Part 1 Cybertron would come to be populated by the Maximals and Predacons , descendants of the Autobots and Decepticons.

This great metamorphosis was precipitated by the " Great Upgrade ," described as the period of time when Cybertron's Autobot population transitioned to Maximals; old cities like Iacon were once again abandoned and paved over to make way for new cities, like Cybertropolis.

The Search Three hundred years after the end of the conflict, Cybetron was once more a peaceful, prosperous planet, governed by the Maximal Elders , Possession while the Tripredacus Council controlled the affairs of the Predacons.

The Agenda Part 1. Peacetime diversions included the Six Lasers Over Cybertron amusement park; "mature" entertainment included joints where the servers went around without their torso plates on.

When Optimus Primal and his starship went missing, transwarp probes were dispatched from Cybertron in the hopes of finding where he and his crew had vanished to.

The Probe Not long afterwards, the transwarp wavefront generated by the destruction of the Planet Buster superweapon was due to hit the planet only for the Tripredacus Council to disrupt it before it reached Cybertron, allowing them to covertly dispatch Ravage to bring in Megatron.

The tranquility of this age would come to a rapid end when Megatron returned from the Beast Wars and set a virus loose on the world that incapacitated the population and paved the way for Vehicon rule.

Under Megatron's reign, the villain sought to reorganize the entirety of Cybertronian civilization into one vast machine controlled by a single, overriding intellect—his own.

Master of the House Megatron would be opposed, however, by Optimus Primal and his band of Maximals, who, after discovering the Oracle, befriending a survivor of Megatron's attack , and learning the truth behind Cybertron's organic nature, Survivor believed that they needed to restore the organic to Cybertron and destroy all technology—a conflict that came to a head when Primal and Megatron pitted the Plasma Energy Chamber against the Key to Vector Sigma , unleashing a doomsday energy storm.

End of the Line. In the aftermath, Primal realized he had been wrong in his mission; rather, the Oracle wanted him to create a balance, a peaceful equilibrium of the organic and the technological.

In the end, Primal would see his dream accomplished when he applied the power of the Oracle to the exposed organic core of Cybertron, his sacrifice converting the entire planet into a lush paradise where technorganic plants and animals coexisted with Transformers.

Seeds of the Future. According to Al-Badur , the Quintessons had once served Unicron, and in doing so, they'd found the "dimensional landing" of Primus: Cybertron.

Rather than alert their master, however, they decided to capitalize on their discovery for their own purposes. They attempted to subvert Primus's creations via the Plasma Energy Chamber, but the results were disastrous.

Success came when they placed a shell program over Vector Sigma and channeled the divine power into creating a subservient race. That race would one day rebel and become the Transformers, but the Quintessons' influence remained in the form of the Vector Sigma shell program—otherwise known as the Oracle.

Primus could nonetheless sometimes send messages from Vector Sigma through the Oracle, but it is difficult to tell the difference.

A week after the Great Transformation , the Quintessons invaded Cybertron, hoping the sudden transition to technorganic would leave the Transformers disoriented.

Instead, the population of Cybertron successfully repelled the invaders—and the Quintessons learned that they themselves had been pawns of Primus, who had deliberately manipulated the aliens so that Cybertron and his creations could make this great evolutionary leap.

One year later, this reality's Cybertron later became became the home base of the Children of Primus in the multiverse-spanning Universe War against Unicron.

Abduction Escape Homecoming Unfortunately during the war, Cybertron fell victim to the "Culling", where Unicron's Minions cut a swath across the planet to feed the sparks of the victims to the Chaos-Bringer, though the invaders were ultimately repelled.

Revelations Part 2. The planet Cybertron and its two moons orbited Alpha Centauri ; a Saturn-sized mechanical world, the planet possessed an oxygen-based atmosphere capable of supporting carbon-based life.

Complex tunnel networks and advanced machinery existed in the deepest levels of the planet; some Decepticons, like Megatron, believed that Cybertron could become a mobile fortress equipped with planetary engines , and sought to make this dream a reality.

Transformers: More than Meets the Eye. The earliest Cybertronians supposedly arose from the Well of All Sparks , Conflagration but after creating the Transformers, Primus went dormant so as to avoid the attention of his ancient nemesis Unicron.

The Sonic Canyons that spanned the planet's southern equator gathered data from across the universe so as to be analyzed by Vector Sigma, Transformers: The Ultimate Guide while Primus sealed the well to prevent Unicron from locating his physical form.

Conflagration Prior to the Great War, Megatron claimed to have discovered an artifact which suggested the truth behind the origins of the Cybertronian species, which would, over time, lead to the formation of the Decepticons.

The Route of All Evil. The war between the Autobots and Decepticons would eventually lead to Optimus Prime and Megatron disappearing in a space bridge explosion; in their absence, however, the conflict continued, with Autobots, Decepticons, joined by various splinter factions.

The arrival of The Fallen briefly forced these competing factions to briefly work together, Conflagration and dwindling fuel supplies eventually led to the construction of energy-efficient Micromasters —though these warriors were eventually forced to take up arms as well.

This state of affairs lasted for many millions of years; it would not be until some three thousand years ago that Shockwave reactivated and worked to bring other Transformers back online.

Cold War. Initially, after Cybertron's reawakening, Autobots were reluctant to trust Shockwave until key Autobots agreed to share leadership of Cybertron with him.

An underground resistance movement was formed and a young Hot Rod rose to leadership of one such faction. It wasn't until Optimus Prime's return to Cybertron that the majority of Autobots rededicated themselves to eliminating the Decepticons.

War and Peace. The Quintessons created both transorganics and the gladiator and slave races that would evolve into the Decepticons and Autobots.

The Art of War 1. The planet was also the location of Teletran 3 , which accidentally transported members of G. Joe and Cobra to the alien world.

Joe vs the Transformers 1. Shockwave was eventually defeated and the Decepticons were driven back to the Gladiator Zone , allowing Cybertron to be at peace for the first time in millennia.

A warp gate was set up between Cybertron and Area 52 on Earth. The Art of War 5 Notable locations on Cybertron included Capitol City and the large junkyards where the cannibalizers would reside.

The Art of War 3. After the death of Serpent O. Black Horizon, Part 1 of 2. Cybertron and its two moons orbited a yellow dwarf. Last Stand.

Another theory postulates that Cybertron may have once been an organic world, one whose biological inhabitants made an evolutionary leap to a cybernetic existence before eventually discarding their organic heritage to become fully-mechanical lifeforms.

Spotlight: Nightbeat Evidence for this theory is corroborated by the planet Gorlam Prime , whose inhabitants underwent such a transition; after emerging from this "chrysalis state," they renamed their world "Cybertron," which raises some interesting questions about the origins of the Transformers.

Spotlight: Sideswipe. The first known Cybertronian to come into existence was Primus himself; though later Transformers would deify him as a warrior-god, Primus: You, Me, and Other Revelations Primus's only unique trait was the ability to manufacture photonic crystals.

He would be joined by four other Transformers— Epistemus , Mortilus , Solomus , and Adaptus —and together this first generation of Transformers would become known as the Guiding Hand.

The Unremembering Together, they would go on to ignite the twelve hot spots across the planet, allowing Vector Sigma to begin sending the life-giving pulses of energy that ignited new sparks and gave rise to the first true "generation" of Transformers: the Knights of Cybertron , who turned the prehistoric planet into a paradise for both body and sprit.

The Death of Optimus Prime The predecessors of Functionist doctrine believed that, if tilted at just the right angle, Cybertron could refract the light of a sun, turning the planet itself into a weapon to be used against asteroids and other spaceborne threats.

Some twelve million years ago, the ambitious Adaptus would turn on his comrades; seeking to introduce the notion of war to the species so as to avoid the stagnation he feared would soon grip the planet, he battled the other four members of the Guiding Hand in what would come to be called the " God War ".

Although the other members of the Hand fought back, they were unable to vanquish their enemy, who fled to the planet's first moon , readying an electromagnetic pulse that would leave the inhabitants of Cybertron disoriented while he retrofitted the moon into a primitive spaceship and fled.

The Unremembering Though this information creep would distort reality into garbled legends, the Knights of Cybertron remained known, and eventually opted to leave Cybertron aboard a fleet of Titans.

Deprived of their benevolent oversight, Cybertronian society regressed back to an era of barbarism, splintering into numerous smaller city-states and tribes.

The Crucible This sequence of events would be noted as atypical compared to the development of most other civilizations, who established permanent world governments before mastering faster-than-light space travel.

Shining Armor 3. It was in this primitive landscape that the Decepticon Shockwave found himself after the destruction of his chronal drive in Unable to return to his own time, Shockwave slew the shepherd Onyx and manipulated events to bring the Thirteen together.

Titans colonized distant worlds to expand the aegis of the Pax Cybertronia , including Caminus , Eukaris , Velocitron , and Devisiun , all in service to Shockwave's infinitely longer game.

The Crucible It quickly became clear, however, that Cybertron's rapidly urbanizing population was not infinitely sustainable, prompting the younger version of Shockave to begin a plan to ensure that Cybertron could meet its energy needs; Shockwaves while Nova Prime planned a grand Expansion that would see Cybertron the capital of a grand interstellar empire, this plan fell through when he and his innermost retinue vanished aboard the Ark-1 in the Benzuli Expanse.

Spotlight: Galvatron. The reign of Nominus Prime saw the widespread automation of Cybertron's old energon mines, leading to an employment crisis as labourers lost their livelihoods.

Megatron Origin 1 Antebellum Cybertron was seen as a backwater placed by alien civilizations, owing to the cultural stagnation Functionism brought to the planet.

Chaos Theory Part 2. The subsequent Great War began four million years ago, and ravaged Cybertron until Thunderwing 's experiments with Pretender technology led to a mad rampage that left the planet completely uninhabitable.

With no atmosphere, Cybertron's surface was unprotected from cosmic radiation and was wracked by plasma storms. Transformers had to divert energy to their personal shielding in order to remain on the surface for short periods; the surface was presumably immediately lethal for humans.

Gravity was also weaker than normal and Transformers needed magno-treads to walk on the surface. The Transformer race abandoned the planet save for occasional scientific surveys from orbit and began conducting their conflict across the galaxy.

According to Autobot command directives, landing on Cybertron was forbidden. Stormbringer 1 However, with the resurrection and subsequent defeat of Thunderwing, this directive was lifted due to the unusual circumstances.

Around the year , the wise Alpha Trion and Metroplex returned to Cybertron, with a plan to revive the planet.

Over the next few years, Trion worked to repair Cybertron's atmosphere and rid it of radiation, though the planet remained dead and resourceless.

Any Old Iron. A decade later, the Decepticons created the three Insecticons on Cybertron from a naturally-occurring subterannean species, Historia , and left the thousands of failed clones to their own devices.

When the Decepticons defeated the Autobots on Earth during the Surge , they sent their battered enemies through a portal to Cybertron, where the swarm would finish them off.

All Hail Megatron 7 By this time, Alpha Trion's hard work had eliminated much of the radiation and electromagnetic storms, so the Autobots survived their stay on the planet with only minor pains.

Any Old Iron Later, the Autobot starship Trion was shot down over Cybertron, and its crew joined the rest of the survivors on its surface.

All Hail Megatron In order to make Cybertron habitable again, Trion revived Ironhide , who had been recently slain on Earth , to help take out the swarm.

Ironing Out the Details Trion then left again, with only Ironhide, Sunstreaker and a few hundred swarm members remaining on the planet, Any Old Iron which were eventually quashed by the time that Galvatron returned to Cybertron, intent on turning the metal world into his first line of defense against D-Void , a malevolent entity set on devouring all Transformers.

Heart of Darkness 4 By the time his army arrived on the planet, the swarm had seemingly been exterminated. The arrival of Galvatron caused Ironhide and Sunstreaker to flee on Rodimus 's newly arrived ship, after which they traveled to Earth to alert the rest of the Autobots to Galvatron's occupation.

Out of the Silent Planet. Lamentations During the battle, Galvatron inserted his Heart of Darkness into the remains of Vector Sigma, in the belief that this would stop D-Void from entering the universe.

In reality, the Heart of Darkness was an aspect of D-Void, and doing so would allow the entity to turn the dead planet of Cybertron into a giant portal to the Dead Universe.

Genesis Somehow, the Matrix of Leadership was able to restart Vector Sigma, and its energies worked to "reset" the entire planet into a primordial state.

Almost every structure and geographic landmark on the planet was wiped out, and the only Transformer-made structure remaining was the crashed remains of Kimia Facility.

Simultaneously, Cybertron itself sent out a signal to all Cybertronians out in space, telling them to come home. The Death of Optimus Prime The only known structures that were spared this reformatting were Crystal City , resurrected by Ore , Shockwaves and Kaon which had been buried beneath the new layer of metal.

The Last Autobot. With Cybertron restored, most Decepticons captured and thousands of neutrals returning to repopulate their planet, the war was considered over.

When the planet came alive again, it began transmitting energy to its two moons, reviving Luna 2 as well. Since Luna 1 was missing, its share of the energy ended up in the atmosphere instead, supercharging it and causing "ball lighting" effects to strike the planet's surface until Wheeljack got a temporary satellite in orbit.

The Sound of Breaking Glass. Soon afterwards, Shockwave attempted to bring his Regenesis plan to fruition, collapsing all of space-time into a singularity to fuel Cybertron for eternity which would have made the planet the sole thing that existed, had ever existed or would exist before he was defeated by Optimus Prime and Megatron.

Dark Cybertron The destruction of his chronal drive caused the formation of a black hole that sent him back to the planet's prehistoric past, free to take up the mantle of "Onyx Prime" and shape the history of Cybertron in a great ontological paradox.

The First Who Was Named. In the aftermath of the cataclysm, Metroplex was able to locate five of Cybertron's colonies, The Transformers: Windblade leading to the formation of the Council of Worlds , All That Remains which eventually came to encompass Earth after Optimus chose to annex the organic world into the Cybertronian Council for its own protection.

Perihelion When Sentinel Prime abruptly returned to life, he viewed modern Cybertron as a world built on compromise; The Last Autobot disgusted, he planned to wipe the slate clean with an army of zombie Titans.

Ten to Midnight Though he perished, Last Light the Titans arrived at Cybertron and began destroying all in sight Ping before they were stopped by Windblade and Vigilem.

Earth would soon come to join the Council of Worlds as an official member state, not a mere protectorate, and various human dignitaries were shuttled from Earth to Cybertron via space bridge to prepare for the ceremony in Iacon.

Unfortunately, repeated Cybertronian incursions had also convinced Joe Colton that one day Cybertron would destroy Earth, First Strike 1 and so he assembled an cabal of supervillains who would poison Cybertron's energon from within by harnessing the power of the alien Talisman , launching an all-out assault on Iacon while he and his inner team of supervillains travelled into the core of the planet to enact the plan.

First Strike 2 Though Optimus Prime and his allies raced to stop the villains as they travelled to the core of Cybertron, it was soon revealed that the entire scheme had been masterminded by Colton's second-in-command; revealed as the Prysmosian wizard Merklynn , he used the Talisman to transform a small fragment of the planet into New Prysmos , a copy of his lost homeworld.

The process drained nearly half of Cybertron's energon supply which caused the planet to "scream", the missing energon sent into space as a communication signal that translated to "Welcome.

The signal struck the slumbering form of Unicron , and roused the ancient monster into action.

First Strike 6 As Cybertron rebuilt from the invasion, "Onyx Prime" arrived alongside Liege Maximo and his Maximal hordes to put the final stages of his plan into action: Surfeit of Primes now convinced that Cybertron itself was not worth saving, "Onyx" revealed his true identity to Cybertron, engineering a series of crises designed to break the collective faith of Cybertron in everything that they believed in.

Unforgivable Everything Shockwave had worked towards for the last twelve million years was in anticipation of Unicron's arrival: the very Talisman itself was poisoned bait; when Unicron consumed the planet, its corrosive energies would kill him from the inside out.

Stranger Eons. In the meantime, however, the Talisman was still in service to the Visionaries who had recently come to inhabit the caverns beneath the planet, burrowing its way to Vector Sigma to complete its mission of transforming the entire planet into a copy of Prysmos.

Schismatic To save the planet, Wheeljack constructed an anti-Talisman bomb that would counteract its magic , and when the bomb detonated, the exotic energies had the combined effect of transforming a patch of Cybertron into a copy of Prysmos's old biosphere, while also beaming a second message out into space: one that simply said "Unicron.

Visionaries Unstopped and Unstoppable. Indeed, Unicron awoke and began his assault on the galaxy not long afterwards, and after destroying eleven of the worlds affiliated with the Transformers Unicron attacked Cybertron directly.

Stranger Eons Though the populace initially attempted to fight back, Our Finest Windblade was forced to call on the Visionaries, who used a combination of their magic and the Talisman to teleport the population of Iacon to Earth.

Contrary to Shockwave's predictions, the destruction of Cybertron did not spell the destruction of Unicron; the planet-eater, intelligent enough to realize the threat that the tainted planet posed to his own body, simply destroyed the planet by tearing it apart, unleashing a burst of energy that ripped the planet in half.

Road's End. In a world where Megatron had never been created, the Functionist Council grew ever more powerful, to the point where they eventually usurped the Senate and functionally conquered the planet.

The Custom-Made Now When the Council concluded that alien life had no purpose in Primus 's grand design, they isolated their homeworld from the rest of the galaxy to stoke the fires of fear and xenophobia, while they worked to create an army powerful enough to wage war on the galaxy.

Modes of Production. After the intervention of Team Rodimus cost the Council Luna 2 , This Machine Kills Fascists the Council turned Cybertron itself into their instrument of destruction, outfitting it with a set of planetary engines and using the Warren to travel from world to world.

The planet's lack of mobility proved a hindrance, prompting the Council to reengineer the planet so that it possessed a robot mode, cast in the likeness of the mythological Primus.

With this new avatar, the Functionists were able to breach realities, and crossed over from their home reality to make war against the primariy timeline—an event briefly glimpsed by Adaptus , who had himself used the Warren to flee across time and space so as to prepare for the threat.

Rationalizing that five Cybertrons, untouched by war, could command exponentially more power, he commissioned a planet-sized mold and created the " God Gun ".

Pursued by the dimensionally displaced Megatron and the Anti-Vocationist League back into Megatron's home reality, the Magnificence offered the suggestion to blow up Cybertron, though Megatron overruled it on account of the trillions of innocents still trapped on the planet.

The Unremembering After forcing "Primus" back into planet mode, the crew allied with the Architect's forces to stage an invasion of Cybertron, battling Functionaries until they opened twelve duplicate Matrices at each of Cybertron's hot spots, the surge of energy overloading Vector Sigma and vaporizing the Functionists.

A Spark Among Embers. With the native Cybertron recently annihilated by Unicron, this world—now stranded in a parallel reality—was eventually christened "New Cybertron" by those who chose to live there.

Prowl made the decision to remove the Lost Light 's quantum engines to double the universally displaced planet's energon reserves. With most of the Cybertronian population now based on Earth, New Cybertron was largely left to its own devices; in the years to come, the crew of the Lost Light took up residence there, while other inhabitants would include millions of Lunarians spawned from Luna 1's hot spot.

Cybertron was the alternate mode of Primus , one of the many living worlds created by Daiakuron at the dawn of time.

Earth: R. Though none of the inhabitants of either world were aware of it, Cybertron had a deep connection with the planet Earth, for the organic world was also a creation of Daiakuron, and Cybertronian artifacts from ancient times could be found across the planet.

Everybody Hates Metroplex. Originally located in a distant galaxy, the planet had been ruled by Decepticons ever since the abrupt departure of Optimus Prime, leaving Megatron and his forces free reign of the planet, with the Autobots in disarray under Grimlock's unruly leadership.

Cybertron then slowly began to transform into a massive spaceship in the shape of Megatron's face that would cyberform the galaxy.

Expelled from the Garden Psych Out described Cybertron as "the ultimate Transformer" owing to its constantly shifting geography though whether this was a natural phenomenon or a side-effect of Megatron's plan is unclear.

Form Follows Function. Joe , using a combination of a " green bomb " fusillade and a strategically deployed Weather Dominator to terraform portions of Iacon into a an environment capable of sustaining human life.

Targetmasters Soon after, Cybertron grew a pair of mega mountains that reached high into its atmosphere. Form Follows Function Megatron then used the horns to gouge into the Earth, seemingly destroying it Pax Megatronus so as to clear a path to the Sun, intending to consume the star and supercharge his creation powers.

Escape from Primus Believing Earth to be destroyed, various surviving groups, such as the Oktober Guard , attempted to claim Cybertron as their new homeworld.

Starved of energy, Primus needed little incentive to consume the star, creating a dyson sphere from his own body to speed up its consumption before Primus was stopped by Atlas —Earth's own robotic form.

Though many Cybertronians chose to emigrate from Cybertron to various planets and moons in Earth's solar system, Rodimus guided the impaired but functional Primus back to his original orbit.

With Optimus on a mission to the find the Makers , Rodimus took charge of the planet. The War Never Ends. Cybertron orbits the star Hadean.

Broken Windshields Following the Scouring of Nebulos in and the Great Push of , the Transformers were forcibly pacified by the Human Confederacy and exiled back to Cybertron and a small region of surrounding space.

After eleven million years of civil war, Cybertron had become a dying planet drained of energy, Micro-Aggressions and after a final battle against the maddened Thunderwing, who had absorbed the power of the Underbase , the war settled into an uneasy truce.

The Autobots and Decepticons became known as the Builders and hard-wired themselves into the architecture and landscape of their planet as a means of saving fuel.

Broken Windshields. Cerebros eventually constructed the Maximals and Predacons as successors to the old factions; the Builders, however, preferred to use them for sport in a series of violent Games fought in the ruined remains of the old Builder cities.

Head Games At the same time, new breeds of Cybertronian life— mechanimals —began to emerge in the ruins of these old cities.

While the older generations of Cybertronians considered them vermin, the Oracle had masterminded the process after the return of the Underbase to Cybertron's core as a means for the wounded planet to heal itself by generating a functioning, self-sustaining ecosystem.

This dystopian Cybertron was rocked by the Grand Uprising , a protracted war where the Maximals and Predacons fought to topple the stagnant oligarchy that their predecessors had established.

Broken Windshields Shortly after the Beast Upgrade hit the planet, Overshoot claimed that the Oracle had also engineered this war, an evolutionary step forward that would free the citizens of Cybertron from their dependence on energon cubes.

The war ended with the disastrous Vehicon Apocalypse , and although the Resistance had ostensibly won the war by that point, it took the united forces of Maximal, Predacon, and Builder alike to curtail the genocidal ambitions of Lord Imperious Delirious.

In the end, the planet was reorganized under the egalitarian Cybertronian Parliament. Years afterwards, as the Human Confederacy fell victim to the Fall of Man , the Cybertronian race ventured beyond the Allowed Zone once again.

The Inexorable March While communing with the Oracle during the Grand Uprising, Overshoot glimpsed visions of the distant future, and saw a time when Earth and Cybertron would first unite against a grave threat before eventually merging into a single, technorganic planet.

Cultural Appropriation. As the Great War continued, Decepticon science created Thunder Mayhem , a combiner so destructive that it was thought to have destroyed Cybertron outright and brought about the functional extinction of the Cybertronian race.

Life Finds a Way History In reality, the combiner, while enacting a near-genocide, had simply devastated the planet's surface. Divination The Decepticon remained there for a while before he left to destroy other worlds.

Deadly Aim. When Impactor , Fractyl and Counterpunch were seeking out allies for their crusade, they travelled to the ruins of their homeworld and found Toxitron.

The Toxic Transformer. Left on Cybertron, Bluestreak eeked out an existence before he was contacted by the Teklaans who claimed that they could restore his world.

Eager to bring about "New Cybertron", Bluestreak made contact with the Wreckers and brought them back home, sacrificing them to the Teklaans to provide them with the information they needed to rejuvenate the biosphere.

As the prodding happened, Fractyl remembered that the Teklaans' last creation had fallen victim to a virus, implanted by the Teklaans themselves, and died off in a few generations.

After convincing Bluestreak to aid them, the Wreckers confronted the Teklaans only to learn that the cyberforming had already begun. After incorporating Bluestreak and Impactor into Wreckage , the combiner destroyed the Teklaan ship, the central node of the cyberforming, and sent the aliens running.

Upon leaving Cybertron, Impactor assured Bluestreak that his plan had been a good one but until Thunder Mayhem was defeated, it wasn't viable.

Lively Pursuit. Cybertron was drained of life by the war of conquest which Megatron started. Combiner Wars Megatron toy bio.

Soundwave led a Decepticon attack on an Autobot base on Cybertron only to be routed when the base transformed into Fortress Maximus.

Titans Return Fortress Maximus online bio. In eons past, Cybertron was ruled by the Thirteen , who successfully vanquished Unicron with the help of the Requiem Blaster.

The Swamp In the age that followed, the Thirteen were known to have inhabited, and subsequently sealed away, a variety of locations such as the mythical library of knowledge, the Athenaeum Sanctorum.

Finally, however, Megatronus would accidentally murder his beloved, Solus Prime , and for this punishment he banished himself from the planet.

The Requiem Blaster would be sealed within a dome inside the Primal Swamp , guarded by a lineage of warriors; by the present day, the most recently appointed guardian of the Blaster was Optimus Primal.

Athenaeum Sanctorum. Though Cybertron and many other planets were ravaged by the Great War between the Autobots and Decepticons, the conclusion of the conflict allowed for the Council —consisting of Rodimus , Starscream , and the Mistress of Flame —to serve as the heads of the new postwar government, The Council while Megatron and Optimus Prime both chose to leave Cybertronian civilization to develop and retreated to the wildernesses of Cybertron to continue their lives in self-imposed exile.

The Duel Unforgotten. It would not be until the events of the Combiner Wars that both Prime and Megatron would return to civilization to help deal with the Enigma of Combination , Unforgotten and were subsequently instrumental in combating the threat that a Starscream-possessed Trypticon posed to the planet.

Prime perished during Megatronus's return, All Things Must Pass causing many of Cybertron's people to turn on one another for fear of the coming apocalypse.

The Swamp. Optimus Primal was later upgraded by the Matrix into the powerful "Optimal Optimus" Megatronus Unleashed and, after Megatronus's defeat, would become the next leader of Cybertron, supported by the wisdom of the newly revived Optimus Prime.

Saga's End. Four million years in the past, Cybertron was a rogue planetoid menaced by asteroids, leading to the launch of the Ark and its subsequent crash on Earth.

Prime's Directive, Part Three. Rise of the Decepticons: Tremors. Long ago, a group of Cybertronians once used the Enigma of Combination to become "The Abomination" , a monstrous, fuel-guzzling combiner which ravaged the planet until a group of Transformers successfully felled the creature in Iacon.

Constructicons Rising, Part 1 Over time, the Cybertronians established a planetary Senate led by a Prime , who served as the assembly's "First Senator.

Eventually, the Cybertronian race began their Age of Expansion ; as the Pyramid birthed many new Transformers, Constructicons Rising, Part 2 the people of Cybertron colonized new worlds with the assistance of many Titans and vanquished rival galactic powers.

The war saw the mass conscription of many Cybertronians to stop the menace; although Exarchon's forces were defeated, the cost was high, and Cybertron was left broken and ravaged by the war.

To limit further Cybertronian expansionism and help rebuild their planet, then-Autobot leader Nominus Prime passed the Nominus Edict , which forbade the colonization of other worlds, mandated strict laws regarding energon rationing and storage, and limited the forging of new Transformers.

The ensuing era saw the rebuilding of Iacon , the construction of the Winged Moon to provide Cybertron with a limitless supply of energon, and the great Tether that connected it to Cybertron.

Orion Pax: Free Fall Constructicons Rising, Part 1 While some Transformers looked back on the past with regret, noting that their expansion had caused other races to fear their destructive nature, The Change In Your Nature Part Five other Cybertronians like Termagax mourned a lost age of prosperity and potential that'd been cut short and felt that the Nominus Edict had overstayed its welcome.

Orion Pax: Free Fall. By the time that Sentinel Prime supplanted Nominus Prime, Cybertron had established diplomatic relations with other neighboring powers such as the Thraal , Occulted Dremden , and Voin ; Nautica: Home in time, different alien species immigrated to Cybertron and established various ethnic enclaves, such as Iacon's sprawling Xeno-Quarter.

The World In Your Eyes Part Five They brought them with them animals like skitters and flyts , which turned invasive and established breeding populations on the metal planet.

Termagax's " Ascenticon " movement grew to become a substantial political party that advocated for the abolition of the Nominus Edict in order to restart a new age of colonization and conquest; despite this sentiment, the Edict had indeed brought peace to the metallic planet, to the extent that Brainstorm 's murder was the first in living memory.

Though the Decepticons fought back, they found their power outmatched by the invader. Unable to flee, Megatron was approached by Kremzeek the Scavenger who had come seeking the AllSpark , shuttled off Cybertron by the recently departed Autobots.

Bargaining with the Decepticon leader, Kremzeek turned Megatron and his inner retinue into ghosts , leaving the majority of the Cybertronian race to be destroyed by Gozer along with their planet.

Siege episode 1 A great battle took place at Tarn-Hauser Gate , with it becoming the largest mass grave in Cybertron's history. Siege episode 4 The Autobots rebuilt Cybertron, Siege episode 5 before the Transformers began colonizing other worlds, such as Velocitron , travelling to them via Space Bridges.

Siege episode 6. Under as of yet unrevealed circumstances, Megatron led the Decepticons into the destructive Great War against the Autobots.

The Decepticons proved the superior fighting force, setting up Surrender Stations across Cybertron. Siege episode 3 As energon became ever scarcer, neutrals across Cybertron began hoarding and trading the substance among themselves.

Siege episode 5. Outmatched, the Autobots constructed the Ark to flee their world. As they scavenged for enough energon to power the ship, they discovered the last Space Bridge.

Siege episode 1 After learning that Megatron sought the Allspark to reformat all Autobots into Decepticons, Siege episode 2 the Autobots decided to launch the Allspark off the planet.

Siege episode 3. After Bumblebee had inherited the Alpha Trion Protocols , he used the information to pinpoint the Allspark's current location.

Siege episode 5 Learning about the protocols, the Decepticons used Ultra Magnus' corpse to engineer a virus that destroyed them, though their similarity to Autobot code led to a widescale crippling of planetary infrastructure.

Upon the Autobots retrieving the Allspark from the Sea of Rust , they managed to launch it through the Space Bridge, the Ark following shortly afterwards.

A handful of Autobots, either by choice or circumstance, had remained behind, pledging to continue the fight against Megatron.

In the midst of a battle for a space bridge that managed to pierce the barrier between realities, the Autobots and Decepticons were transported through the portal to the realm of Equestria as a result of the machine connecting to the magic of Queen Chrysalis.

Transformation Is Magic. Cybertron was located near or orbiting a larger ringed world, Ultra Magnus and had an asteroid prison colony in which dangerous Predacon prisoners were interred.

Following the wars, Magnus was honored, but Vector Sigma selected Optimus as Autobot leader and bestowed on him the Matrix.

Ultra Magnus: Forced Fusion! The Predacons on Cybertron were ruled over by a council , of which Megatron was a subordinate, Mystery of the Ultra Magnus though he once claimed to be "leader of the Predacons and future ruler of the galaxy" and that he was already "ruler of many worlds".

Battle Protocol! Cybertron is also known to have an education system in place, featuring courses for such topics as Theoretical Mechanics, of which the Autobot Side Burn had been first in his class.

The Two Faces of Ultra Magnus. Cybertron was the body of Primus. Cybertron Nine billion years ago, he created the Thirteen to aid him in his fight against Unicron.

Vector Prime: In the Beginning. Another account claimed that Primus was a "unique digital entity" that came into existence eons ago.

To search for other life in the universe, it sent out the Transformers as explorers. One of the first places the Transformers settled was on a planet that would eventually become known as Cybertron.

First Encounter. Unicron made another attempt to attack Cybertron but he was stopped by the mighty warrior Omega Supreme.

Omega Supreme Joined by the four "Maximus" combiners he went into stasis lock deep beneath Cybertron to guard a reservoir of Super Energon.

Ambition The Chaos Bringer however went into stasis lock and disguised himself as a moon orbiting Cybertron. Alliance Cybertron had at least two other moons.

The Cybertronians attempted to turn Cybertron into the centre of a galaxy spanning empire via establishing four colony worlds with the intent of using the Cyber Planet Keys to cyberform them into mechanical worlds before connecting them all via a galaxy wide Space Bridge.

For unknown reasons however, the plan fell through with Cybertron losing contact with the ships it sent out.

Fallen The four worlds evolved in their own way with most considering Cybertron to be little more than a legend. As the millennia rolled past, the Cybertronians fell into civil war.

First Encounter Seeing an opportunity at revival, Unicron spawned the Mini-Cons intending for these diminutive robots to grant additional power to the Autobots and Decepticons so he could feed off the escalating war.

Prehistory As a result of their unintended sentience however, Drift the Mini-Cons soon realized what they were doing to Cybertron and its people and promptly left the planet so that their power could do no harm.

Their ship crashed on one of the four ancient colony worlds, Earth. First Encounter At some point during the war, Rodimus gathered a crew to escape the endless battle.

Survival Instincts. In , the unwitting Rad White activated one of the Mini-Cons which beamed a signal to Cybertron alerting the planet to the Mini-Cons' location.

While Optimus Prime and Megatron led their inner circles to Earth to retrieve the Mini-Cons, the bulk of the Cybertronians remained on their homeworld to continue battle.

The Decepticons set course back for Cybertron, followed by the Autobots. Depart Unicron however made his move prompting Starscream to sacrifice himself to unite the warring planet.

Cramp Unicron's defeat marked the end of the war and both Autobots and Decepticons began working together to rebuild their world.

Mortal Combat. In the aftermath, the existence of Cybertronians was revealed to the human race who sent an envoy to Cybertron in to establish friendly relations.

Cybertron City. In , however, Unicron and Megatron returned. Shockblast: Rampage After Unicron's physical form had been destroyed, Unicron Perishes he possessed Megatron and travelled to the Super Energon reservoir below the planet to properly revive himself turning Megatron into Galvatron once again.

Wishes The release of energon gas however moved the planet from its orbit into Alpha Q's universe. Formidable Primus trapped Unicron's essence in a star composed of Super Energon.

The Sun. The conflict ended again , the now predominantly Autobot and Neutral population began to rebuild their world.

Revelations Part 2 With the black hole hovering above Cybertron, Optimus gave the order to evacuate. Vector Prime returned to the planet for the first time in eons and revealed to Optimus that the Cyber Planet Keys were required to save their homeworld.

Fallen Though Optimus was skeptical at first, he eventually made the search for the keys the top priority of the Autobots.

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Galvatrons erste Handlung besteht darin, Starscream, der sich in der Zwischenzeit zum neuen Anführer der Decepticons erklärt hat, zu töten. Bewertet mit 4,36 von 25 Kunden. Transformieren, Kombinieren, sprengen, Nahkampf, Tarnung, fliegen und vieles mehr! The Cybertron struck the slumbering form of Unicronand roused the ancient monster into action. The Stunti-Con Job Make of this what you will. It was there Bodyguard 2019 he learned that he'd made two mistakes: First, the spirits of his brothers were able to Serien Two And A Half Stream him in the sarcophagus, preventing him taking over Cybertron. Seeking to gain an advantage over Tobias Lelle Prime and his newly acquired Star SaberMegatron and Dreadwing used a space bridge to travel to Cybertron to acquire the hand of an unnamed dead Prime. Finally, however, Megatronus would accidentally murder his beloved, Solus PrimeAktuelle Temperatur Rodgau for this punishment he banished himself from the planet. After the restoration of the Well of All Sparks, Cars 2 Der Film Deutsch Der Ganze Film Kostenlos once Nackt Gefoltert returned Cybertron a period of peace and prosperity. Best for fresher students.

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I bring you Cybertronyour home, and still Cybertron choose humanity. Spike Witwicky, der menschliche Freund der Michael Vincent, ist erwachsen geworden und hat einen Sohn namens Daniel. Inhalt möglicherweise unpassend Entsperren. Nutzen sie auch unsere Expertise um ein auf Ihre Wünsche angepasstes Dimension 404 Deutsch zu entwickeln. Übersetzung für "Cybertron" im Deutsch. Die bislang einzige Wiederholung im Fernsehen erfolgte am 1.


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